Firstly, I need to thank everyone who has supported us to get this show to its opening night! Secondly I need to thank everyone who made it to our opening show.

It was an incredible performance, I’m so proud of what the guys and I have achieved. I’ve got stacks of fantastic photos from the awesome Ruth Morris and brilliant reviews from Glam Adelaide and from The Side Project. But most of all amazing feedback from the audience.

Its now Wednesday, and I’m still buzzing from the energy of our opening night, one of the extra little ideas I had with the show as to do a pulse check on the audience before and after the show. Our dashing Front Of House team gave each audience member at least one post-it-note (yes I am obsessed with post-it’s!) and asked them to stick them on an A2 card, asking them how they feel, and post show how they feel now. Love some of the answers, reactions and emotions the audience is feeling from opening night. I’m excited to see the different reactions across the next three shows!

Preshow Sund 2nd

Audience feelings Pre-show Sunday 2nd

Post show Sunday 2nd

Audience reactions post show Sunday 2nd








At the end of the show I encourage people to share their story with me. I’ve found that through the interview process l’ve learnt alot about myself and how I’ve viewed my own experiences, and learnt alot more about depression than I could have from a textbook. Something special began to happen post-show on Sunday night, people started to share their stories with me. I’m slowly but surely collecting more and more stories and I encourage you to share your story too! I’m hoping to publish a few of them on my blog here. If you’d like to share your story with me, then shoot me an email!

There are still three more performances of Depression The Musical: Friday 7th, Saturday the 8th and Sunday the 9th of June all at Harry’s Bar at 9pm Tickets $10 Conc and $15 Adult available at the door or online here.

If there is anything you’d like to know about Depression The Musical, the process I’ve gone through to write it, or how I chose the themes addressed, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at


Depression The Musical -Opening night!