I’ve been busy supporting Emerging Artists in the Adelaide Hills, helping them to Imaginate!

It’s been a while between drinks, er blogs.

But thats because I’ve been working super closely with a couple of fantastic groups in the Adelaide Hills to provide opportunities for emerging musicians and performers to develop skills and to take that next step in their careers.

Yup, I’m talking about my little baby The Imaginate Festival.
For the third year running I’ve worked with Ink Pot Arts Inc in Mt Barker to deliver a festival that encourages young people to get involved in the arts. To try something new, to imagine and create and for the first time this year to look at how to create a successful arts career pathway. Pretty cool stuff huh?

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This festival was born over a coffee with the Artistic Director of Ink Pot back in 2010, she called it a 5 year plan and the first Imaginate took place in early 2011… Lets just say when I’ve found an idea that I think is a winner, I like to make it happen!

Over the past three years we’ve run a brilliant Art & Photographic Exhibition which saw 14 emerging artists (aged 12 to 25) share their work, We’ve run 15 different workshops ranging from circus to poetry, comedy to this years “Know Business, Like Show Business” music management. We’ve had more than 140 people attend these workshops and try something new within the arts.  Then there’s our Battle of the Bands, this is one of my favourite parts of the festival! We’ve run this three times providing an opportunity for 57 emerging musicians aged between 12 and 21 to play to audiences of 100 to 170! Collectively the 16 musical acts have played to nearly 400 members of the community. For an area of SA that doesn’t have many gig opportunities for emerging bands, especially if they’ve got members under 18 I gotta admit I’m pretty proud of that!

Not only have the bands performing at our Battle of the past three years had the chance to perform to audiences of 100+ each year, the winners have been given the opportunity to record their first EP and take the next step in their musical career! Our winners in the past include the awesome Stock Exchange (2011), Ellipsis (2012) and this year’s winners Emergence.


But enough of the numbers, you’re not some funding body that I’m trying to woo, although if you are please feel free to email me about future events (:

Why do I run events like the Imaginate Festival? Why will I continually strive to provide high quality opportunities for young people to get involved in something they love and give them a platform to share their stuff. How is that relevant to StoryTelling?

It’s simple really, I’m passionate about seeing people grow and develop. About helping them find and take that next step in their path. And giving them a platform gives them a chance to develop and inevitably share their story.

I get my warm fuzzies when I know that I’ve connected a person to something that helps them to learn, grow and see the world and opportunities differently. I get my warm fuzzies when I get emails after running and event saying;

“Hey Phi I didn’t get a chance to thank you so I just wanted to let you know that I am really so thankful for your effort with the veggie food it meant a lot. 🙂 And thankyou for the workshop it really helped me and inspired me to head towards certain goals. It will really be helpful in my future :)”

People really appreciate when you go that extra mile to support them and provide quality opportunities for them to get involved and try something new! Providing opportunities for people to give something a go in a really supported environment whilst connecting them with future opportunities and building their relationship with the wider community really leaves an impact on a young artist. It’s that impact that I’m driven to create, the smiles that each participant has at the end of a workshop, when they see their artwork hung on a wall, when they come off the stage on an absolute high of playing a professional gig (even though it might have been their first gig!) Thats why I do this. Thats why I will continue to create opportunities like this for people in all kinds of communities.

Essentially I guess this is why I’ve built StoryTeller: Multimedia & Events, to connect people/organisations/artists/bands/entrepreneurs with THEIR community. To build that community engagement and help those individuals/artists/organisations grow and strive for excellence in their future. To encourage them to be brave and resilient and to share their story.

But enough about my why! Lets hear from our participants and partners who’ve helped build this years Imaginate into something really special that focused on building community as well as pathways for emerging musicians. Click on the following photos to view them and read the awesome testimonials!


Or you could check out the event report that I sent to sponsors here:


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