Phi’s Story

Connecting, Facilitating and Sharing Stories.

These are three things that Phi loves to do

Phi is a creative individual always looking for opportunity in diverse places. Over the past four years she has worked extensively in the Not-For-Profit sector as well as in Marketing & Publicity, Event Design & Management and the Performing and Creative Arts.These experiences one day all collided, and the idea of Phi Theodoros StoryTeller: Multimedia & Events was born.

Storytelling is the oldest form of media
Sharing stories was an ancient tradition and a way of passing information from one group to another. This is now a term that is being used in new media, whether it is storytelling via film or music, social media or online and print news media. All things are centered around stories.

Storyteller Multimedia and events aims to help people, NGOs, small/start-up businesses and local councils to connect with their stories and to share them through various forms of multimedia.

The Events section of the company is focused on providing a platform for individuals and organizations to develop and ultimately share their story. These events can range from professional development events (conferences) to a youth Battle of the bands.

What does this mean for you or your company?
StoryTeller is a service, currently designed for people in small business, not for profit or in the community sector who are looking to engage audiences through events and exposure with a focus on helping the company/individual or the audience to share or develop their story.

Through her work with Ink Pot Arts Inc and AIESEC, Phi realized that her true passion was providing opportunities for people to grow, develop and share their story. This is where Connecting, Facilitating & Sharing Stories begins.

After completing a Bachelor of Media (Creative Arts), a Diploma of Language (Modern Greek) and an Industry Certificate in Festival Event Management & Design at Flinders University, Phi took on a volunteer based internship with UNESCO Youth in Thessaloniki, Greece. It was here that she realized the importance of communication and sharing experiences and stories. Since then she has completed a Certificate IV in Small Business Management so she can connect with those smaller businesses and organisations, understand the support they need and help them to share their stories more effectively through online and offline media and engaging events.

As of November 2013, the business is live and running. Over the past few months Phi has been working on projects to share peoples stories from different walks of life and experiences. Working as a publicist for Ink Pot Arts Inc, sharing the amazing stories that come from this Arts Community, and coordinating events for youth to develop skills such as the recent AIESEC South Australia StateConference and past three Ink Pot Arts Imaginate Festivals as well as the “Get In The Blue Hive” Youth Program as part of Experience Riverbank in Summer 2013-2014.

To find out more about how Phi can help you or your business, please get in touch!

Photo by Gee Greenslade

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  1. Hi, i don’t think we have meet but i just stumbled across yr facebook page and website. I am very impressed with yr storytelling events idea. I would love to meet you one day and if you ever need any assistance with any events, i would be happy to help you…. maj-enta green……

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