Coming Soon… StoryTeller Multimedia & Events for your business or organisation!

I know that I’ve been a little quiet with my posts recently… but those that know me know I am never quiet!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been clarifying just what I’m trying to do and how StoryTelling is going to drive that forward, but what I need to do next is find people who are interested in what I am able to do for them.

You see one of my recent revelations, was that my take on StoryTelling is here to help people to develop skills and confidence to then share their own stories in their own ways.

The way that I intend on doing this is in three distinct but interconnected ways:

Facilitation & Consulting where I come to you and either run a workshop in anything ranging from PR & Marketing to youth leadership, assist with an event design or help you to develop a marketing strategy to help you share your own story through online and print media.

Event Design and Management where we discuss a brief, look at the community or audience you want to engage, find strategies to either help this community develop skills to share their own story (such as a series of workshops or a conference) or to give them a platform to get up and share what they do (this could be an art exhibition,

a battle of the bands or a public speaking forum)

Do you run events? Looking for feedback or support? Fill out this quick survey to help me find out how I can help you!

Project Management & Entertainment this is the category that my recent production of Depression The Musical  comes in, or any projects you need put together that engages a community and helps to share knowledge, facilitate connections and stories. This can be a creative production, or a collection of different training workshops, the only difference is this is a community minded section that has an ongoing positive impact on your community or audience.

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I’ve spent the past five years developing skills in various forms of multimedia, online social media and content marketing this combined with a love for engaging events that bring together a sense of purpose and community. Now I’m trying to find a way to utilise my skills to help you either as an individual or as part of an organisation. The above is merely a beginning, if there is something that you would like support with that hasn’t been mentioned above then drop me a line at storyteller@phitheodoros or tweet me @phitheodoros!

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