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This weekend at 5pm from Friday 5th to Monday 8th of March, my final four shows for Fringe 2021 will be at The Lark and so I wanted to take a moment to let people know a little bit more about this venue and why I’m so grateful for the opportunity to perform not just at Gluttony during their 10th year, but at The Lark itself.

Photo taken by Soda Street Productions during Love at a Distance at The Lark on Friday 26th Feb 2021

The Lark is a venue that the awesome Hannah Cryle came up with and proposed to Gluttony during late 2020. Hannah is the amazing woman behind Happy Haps Productions, a not-for-profit organisation that aims to improve the lives of girls and women through the arts. Hannah is the creative behind Best of Ladies’ Night a showcase of incredibly talented ladies.

Below is her story and vision behind the Lark.

“The idea behind it came from me feeling like I wasn’t able to participate in a lot of online performing things that happened in 2020 due to being a new mother and being trapped in the house with a baby who would scream her head off if I gave anything else my undivided attention for any length of time what-so-ever. My partner (who is also a full time performer) didn’t have the same issues and was actually able to perform in and get paid for 2 online festivals while we were in lockdown in Melbourne.

I did a bunch of research into how the pandemic and lockdowns were impacting women as compared with men and I realised that more women had lost work, more women were likely to be taking unpaid care roles (including taking charge of homeschooling etc) and more women are employed by some of the most impacted industries. I also found that women are more likely than men to rely on in person social interactions and in particular more likely to say that participation in the arts is an important factor for them when managing depression, stress and anxiety (which I thought was very interesting).

So I got on the phone to El and Daniel (Gluttony’s Directors) and asked them for a venue that would allow women, and particularly mothers, who work in the arts to actually work again. But also be a space where women can gather in person by way of maintaining strong social bonds and improving their mental health.

AND THEY DELIVERED! So here we are.”

So to celebrate The Lark and its mission to support women and to encourage people to engage in the arts, many of us have banded together to offer a special discount code.

This is a venue that is filled with work written, performed and directed by strong, talented award winning female artists. If you haven’t already checked out the Lineup you can read more and see all the shows on the Fringe Website Listing here


The new era of live entertainment and events precipitated by COVID-19 has required a rethink of the way performance spaces are designed. Open-air venues provide the ultimate ventilation, and South Australia is blessed with beautiful weather, so in 2021 Gluttony has created its first outdoor venues for Fringe shows. One of these is The Lark – which features an all-woman lineup.

Photo taken by Soda Street Productions during Love at a Distance at The Lark on Friday 26th Feb 2021
The Lark was part-funded by a crowdfunding campaign last year called The Fringe Sisterhood. The idea was brought to Gluttony by Hannah Cryle of Happy Haps Productions, a not-for-profit organisation that aims to improve the lives of girls and women through the arts. The Fringe Sisterhood campaign funds have supported The Lark’s all-woman lineup to be part of Gluttony 2021 by providing a Covid-safe performance space at a subsidised cost, helping break down barriers to women participating in Fringe – something that is crucial for the health and wellbeing of women, as artists and as audiences.  To celebrate this unique venue’s program, several Lark artists are offering the discount code LADIESOFTHELARK for use when booking their show on the Fringe website: Best of Ladies’ Night * Tash York and the Red Red Wines: Trash Talk * Boss Squad * Friendly Feminism for the Mild Mannered * Ukulele Dream Girl: Love at a Distance * Absolute Riot * Too Much (Discount varies between shows.) 

So now that you know the story behind this space, what are you waiting for!

Jump on adelaidefringe.com.au and check out the artists I’m blessed to be sharing this stage with for my final four shows of Love at a Distance as part of the Adelaide Fringe and save yourself some $$ with the code LadiesOfTheLark!

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Ladies of the Lark