Social StoryTelling Webinar #1 Who’s my Audience?

Hey everyone and happy new year!

A few of you may know I’ve been guest presenting on the fabulous Startup Podcast, and I did make a promise to run a webinar to elaborate on how to identify who your audience is, where they are and how to begin building that relationship with them.

We all know that Social Media has endless opportunities for you to share your story. Whether the story is for your business, your film, your community group, your venue, your Fringe show, or your exchange program there is someone out there that wants to read it… But unless you know who they are and how to find them, they may never get the chance to read your story.

It’s crucial to understand the importance of your audience when you are on social media, to know not just who they are but where they are and how they think and feel.
wally characters copyThis webinar will pro

vide a brief bit of context about social media marketing, why its important to understand your audience and a step by step process to identify who they are!

So rather than this feeling of sending out your message into the ether (think of a tree failing in the woods and no-one being there to hear it.) this webinar will aim to stop you from playing the “Where’s Wally” game in search of your audience and will help you to start building your #1 Customer Profile.

This webinar will draw upon the Social StoryTelling Tips we’ve been sharing fortnightly through the Startup Podcast

Once you’ve registered here you’ll recieve an invitation and link for the webinar!
The webinar will run from 3pm til 4pm Adelaide, South Australian time.

Well… the time has come… very quickly in fact! You can register for the Webinar right here!

See you soon!

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