So Why am I a StoryTeller…

Where did this crazy concept come from?

What do I actually intend on doing as a StoryTeller?


Photo By Ruth MorrisDream: 

To facilitate personal and professional growth in individuals and not-for-profit organisations to help them develop and share their story.




Connecting, Facilitating and Sharing peoples stories through events and projects that help them to develop skill sets and networks to take their next steps.


Desire: understanding what you want in life, what drives and motivates you.

Bravery: trusting yourself, and taking chances. If you cannot be bold and brave in your life or career, you cannot progress and will miss thousands of opportunities.

Creativity: What ever you do, make an art of it. Hone your art, and never stop looking at ways to try something different, to innovate your work. Stay creative, fresh, and open minded.

Empathy: All humans have emotions and experiences, take that step to understand, engage and empathise with each others story. To

Resilience: The true test of a person, organisation or an idea is how resilient it is, can it stand out and stay strong over time. How flexible do they need to be to still accomplish their goals no matter what challenges they face.


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